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Shree Shiddhanath Cotex Pvt. Ltd.

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Shree Shiddhanath Cotex Pvt. Ltd. is a textile company involved in the manufacturing of Cotton Yarn from the Raw Cotton directly from the Farmers. The factory was commenced in the year 2007 with the basic facility of Ginning and now it is expanded to a Spinning unit with an installed capacity of 50,208 spindles. With a capacity to produce over 35 Metric tonnes of cotton yarn per day, Shiddhanath is spread across the vast area of 20 acres in the Cotton Belt of Chotila, Surendranagar. With the increasing demand and facilities in textile industry, Shiddhanath stand out among its competitors in terms of product quality delivered within optimum time. With over 500+ employees and workers unite to work at Shiddhanath, all of them are bound to meet the company's expectations which makes the company lead in the textile industry. 



  • Count Range: 12s to 30s Ne

  • Carded or Combed - Knitting/Weaving

  • Compact - Knitting/Weaving

  • Siro - 20/2 to 30/2 Ne

  • Organic/BCI - All above counts



  • Blow room: Unifloc A11 Rieter

  • Card: C-60, LC361, TC-10

  • Breaker: SBD - 15 Rieter

  • Unilap: E-32 Rieter

  • Comber: E-62/E-65/E-72 Rieter

  • RSB: D-35 Rieter

  • Speed Frame: 668 Zinser/LMW 4280 AX

  • Ring Frame: K-44 Rieter, Zinser 351

  • Auto Corner: Schlafhorst 338, Muratec 21C

  • YCP: Sieger

  • Laboratory: USTER-Tensorapid, HVI 900, AFIS Pro, UT-3, Premier HFT